Open Source Deception Platform

Deploy decoys across your infrastructure using a single platform with ease

Deception Approach

Deception techniques - if deployed well - can be very effective for organizations to improve network defense and can be a useful arsenal for blue teams to detect attacks at very early stage of cyber kill chain. But the challenge we have seen is deploying, managing and administering decoys across large networks is still not easy and becomes complex for defenders to manage this over time. With this in mind, we have developed DejaVu platform which can be used to deploy decoys across the infrastructure.

Applying Deception Techniques to
Cyber Defense Strategy can help

Predicting Attacks

Ability to gather low-false positive threat intelligence on adversary tactics, indicators etc.

Ability to more easily understand goals, motives, intent

Detecting Activities

Ability to gather more advanced detection when other protections fail

Early alerting and notification to operations without impact to business-critical systems


Easily engage with attackers and their TTPs

Easy reconnaissance on the attacks


Manipulation of behaviors and interactions that confuse, delay, or interrupt attackers activities

Increase the cost, expertise required, and impact on the attacker

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